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Alternating Current Characteristics testing (ACCT)
Overview: Referred to as AC parameter test, which is to analyze AC parameters according to the design requirements of the device. For example, verification of the signal transmission characteristics of the device, edge characteristics (i.e. Set-Up Time, Hold-On Time, etc.), or the use of tools such as Shmoo Plote to analyse the characteristic graphs when one variable varies with another, etc.
Contents :
1.The test items of Level IV
2.In addition to the conventional test items, carry out abrupt approximations of some parameters (Linearity linear mode or Binary binary mode) to find out the limit values of their signal parameters with respect to other variables and analyse the performance characteristics of the device operating in different electrical states.
3.The logical and temporal relationships between input signals and input signals, and between input signals and output signals.
4.Logical and temporal relationships between the system clock and the I/O signals.
5.The state of some signal changes at the moment of power-up or power-down.
6.Signal noise interference, etc.

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