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Key Functional Testing (KFT)
Key Functional testing verifies correct operation of the various logical functions of the device. It is a dynamic test method, also known as primary function testing or overall function testing. It refers to a variety of logic or signal state tests necessary to verify the correct operation of various logic functions of the device under specific operating conditions (i.e., normal use environment of the device, usually room temperature), without regard to the limit parameters of the device (e.g., maximum/minimum parameters), the normal operation of the device, based on the original manufacturer's specifications, application notes or customer application site, and industry standards or specifications, and also attempts to screen out devices containing edge defects in the device. The device actively performs the logic functions. Input data is provided to the DUT and output data is compared to the expected results.

KFT includes:
1. Random sampling of one sample for chemical anatomical analysis(Optional item).
2. Verify that the key functions of the device are normal.
3. Verify whether the key functions of the device requested by the customer are normal.
4. Part of the programmable device check blank (whether the device has burned program or data).

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