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Lower Cost IC Replace

 Compared with other industries in current society, electronic products prices drops rapidly while prices falling range increases obviously. Nowadays the electronics enterprises have to reduce costs constantly to meet the requirements of  increasing update of electronics technology and intense competition of  marketization.  Electronics components in particularly as the core components of elctronics products are increasing their occupied proportion in electronics products, which makes it urgent &  imperative to find a more cost-effective solution.

It's not always easy for  electronics products engineers to find feasible alternatives for certain electronic components, which involves a weighted combination of multiple head-aching factors  to OEM or EMS manufacturers such as techniques, risks, products management, incoming products market, component quality, techniques compatibility etc.
        In order to solve the problem OEM & EMS manufacturers usually encounter and further improve their working efficiency, CECC Lab is capable of provding you with below  supporting service:

1.    Free assessment of the technical capabilities of original system products, and give an initial feasible solution for low-costed alternatives.

2.     Replacements solutions R & D based on specific devices,  cost effective electronic components finding.

3.      Comprehensive assessment on the feasibility of the alternatives, manufacturer strength & reputation.

4.      Third party test & assessment for the alternatives.

5.      Prototype replacement processing & comparison, whole products performance reliabilities evaluation.

6.       Comprehensive assessment & certification service to the products with alternatives components for issuing third party test report  to enhance manufacturer's quality reputation.

7.      Low-priced domestic IC replacement solutions assessments & promotions.

8.      Optimization assistance of new supply chain.