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Discontinued IC Replace

  With the rapid update of technologies & intensification of market competition, the electronics components manufacturers expedite their reshuffle steps for obsoleted parts elimination &  the release of PDN / PCN, the components' on shelf cycle is shortening increasingly day by day. It is estimated that in  2003 there were100 world's leading electronic components manufacturers issued  product discontinuation notice (PDN) involving more than 20 million pieces of electronic components, which imposed great pressure to the electronic components management of OEM & EMS manufacturers for they have to face the potential challenges of products redesign & modification,  product line suspension & adjustment,  and even to seek for the stock procurement channels at high price & high risks.

In order to avoid the potential huge costs losses resulted by electronic components discontinuation, the OEM & EMS manufacturers have to adopt a complete feasible solution for keeping abreast of the changes of components production cycle. However, it's  not quite realistic for those small / medium sized EMS manufacturer  to follow up their steps with the changes / discontinuation of certain electronic components. Back-shielded with the advantages of profound technical strengths, perfect information consultation system, CECC Lab can accurately grasp the IC development trend and provide discontinued devices replacements solutions for end users especially OEM & EMS manufacturers home and abroad.

Services scope CECC Lab can provide:

1. Inquiry database establishment for real-time tracking of PDN / PCN.

2. Discontinued devices feasible replacement solutions.

3.  Test analysis for alternative devices performance, reduce the risk of bulk production to minimum.

4.  Help end user design engineers to choose the right devices for end-applications

5. Help end users to evaluate specified electronic components life cycle periodically.

6.  Help end users to negotiate the reproduction of discontinued devices.

7. Test & assessment to the discontinued devices from unknown channels.