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IC Replacements Service
IC Replacements Technical Services Certer was found in November, 2008 for providing feasible IC replacement technical services for global electronics users. Currently we mainly focus on two kinds of solutions: discontinued IC replacements solutions & low-priced IC replacements solutions.
I. Discontinued Devices Technical Support
1、Discontinued Devices Inquiry  (Click for More)
We have collected a large quantity of discontinued devices information from famous manufacturers and sorted them to a database for the convenience retrieving of our electronics clients, the database can also functions as  reference for  products changing and improvements.  For more please enter––>
For those general discontinued devices, it's easy to find  replacements in our "General IC Replacements Database", but for those discontinued devices not commonly used, it's very hard for common user to find their corresponding replacements. The engineers must throw themselves into the case for searching & analyzing the feasible replacements with full energy, even functional test & verification is required for comparing the parameters if necessary.  The lead time for such solutions is usually varies from approximately 1 week to 1 month. The requirements for such solutions are usually treated as a separate case for us  and certain technical development fees will be charged to the principal in accordance with engineering quantities.
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II. General or Low-Priced IC Replacements Technical Support
1、General IC Replacements Inquiry ( Click for More)
We have also collected & sorted the general IC replacement information into a database for our clients' convenient retrieving. All the information in the database is strictly selected and analyzed by our engineers and each part number normally has 5 matches, among which you can choose the most fitted one.
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2、Low-Priced IC Replacements Solutions (Click for More)
Most of the ICs with same functions are basically not manufactured by one identical manufacturer and the devices prices to certain manufacturers are different due to their differences in R & D cost, products process, operation cost etc. Therefore it's not always impossible to replace some expensive devices with cheap ones which have same /similar functions. Especially with the decade constant rising of China's semiconductor industry, some IC design houses are alternatives-oriented for providing feasible replacements design solutions, and their devices prices are usually 1/10 ~1/3 as low as the foreign famous brands. Such alternative-oriented design house greatly promoted the development of low-priced IC replacement market.   Obviously such kind of repalcement solutions should be carried out under the premise that all the functions of the devices are guaranteed. CECC Lab, as a professional third party independent IC testing & verification organization, are totally competent to cover such business scope and provide professional technical support for such market demands. Click for More-––>
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