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IC Testing Services

   Integrated circuits testing & verification service, as a highly professional technical service, requires not only well-equipped infrastructure facilities, professional IC testers, but also fully experienced testing engineers. At present, there is no open of IC testing curriculum in China for University students to learn about professional & systematic IC testing knowledge, which consequently results in the superficialness of IC application theory, poorness of technical application level and the very insufficiency of IC testing technicians in China. Generally, it’s very difficult for an average IC design house to recruit and employ a qualified testing engineer, while the electronic technologies companies in other fields can not even build a strong down to earth testing team.

   CECC is well equipped with advanced high-tech testing instruments and rich experienced technical team workers, which enables CECC to break IC testing & verification barrier for you by providing professional IC testing services. What you only need to do is to submit some samples of the IC parts you want to test and their corresponding datasheet to CECC, the rest work CECC will take it over and handle it for you with care. Our testing services items include: constitution of IC testing standards, constitution of testing methodologies, the hardware design & manufacture of  testing sockets, fixture, the developing & debugging of testing programs, the sort & analysis of testing data, the modification & compilation of datasheet, the products malfunction analysis & improvements etc. Whatever you are an IC design company, an end user military-oriented plant or munitions works, CECC are fully capable of considering comprehensively & thoroughly for your quality control procedures. The prospective clients fit for these services can be grouped as following:

1.       IC Design Companies/Houses
 In order to save development costs, more and more domestic IC design houses in the engineering phase of the sample, adopt the way of MPW for manufacturing . The bulk test plant is very unwilling to accept a small amount of samples test. CECC Lab, as a technical service institution in IC industry, regardless of the quantities of the parts to test, will spare no efforts to help the IC companies to complete their task for identifying product design defects and process defects. There is completely no necessary for the IC design companies to employ dedicated testing engineers but only need to appoint CECC to commit these processes with full authorization, which enable IC design companies to save costs in their most convenient way.

2.        Military and aerospace manufacturing plants

In order to ensure the military and aerospace products 100% reliable, such kind of plants must ensure every incoming device has carried out rigorous tests for screening out those of which performances are totally reliable. In addition to the functional testing, special environmental tests such as high temperature, thermal shock test, burn-in test etc are also necessary to conduct. It’s a most effective way to ensure products quality reliability for these plants to appoint CECC Lab with full authorization to perform incoming quality control testing for military devices.


As we all know, China's aviation & aerospace industry and military are in the process of rapid development. With the successful launch of rockets "Shenzhou VI, Shenzhou VII," our confidences in our aviation and aerospace industry are greatly strengthened. The core components of the measure & control parts - integrated circuits and circuit boards with high reliability are our important mission in the development of the integrated circuit industry. As domestic industrialized  researching institutions for IC testing & verification industry in China, it’s our important research & exploring direction to continuously improve our testing level in aviation, aerospace & military grade devices testing &certification.

3.       EMS – Electronic Manufacturing Services

It’s an important issue that the improvements of products quality can not be ignored by any electronics factory. The quality control of electronic components should launch at the very beginning of inspection of incoming materials, among which the testing of ICs are relatively the most difficult.The electronic manufacturers who highlight their quality control are always intending to choose CECC LAB as their loyal partner to cooperate for minimizing their products’ potential failure rate. All they need to do is just to submit CECC Lab some incoming samples & their corresponding datasheet / specifications. CECC Lab will conduct functional performance testing to the incoming samples strictly in compliance with international standards for international semiconductor plants.

4.       Authorized agencies & OEM branch offices


With the popular applications of nano-technology, more & more process defects were continuously exposed much more easily (e.g. the narrower of the thread width, the easier it can be dielectric punctured by electro-static discharge), while on the other hand the market cycle of electronic components are shortening constantly. Therefore once the terminal factories encountered a quality problem, the OEM factories should be able to meet the requirements to respond instantly to provide valuable assistance service. However, basically their branch office & franchised agencies don’t have the necessary equipments to meet the needs of local clients, which make them have no choice but only have to send back the returned parts to their OEM factories for further test, inspection & failure analysis. Such kind of procedures as going back & forth is not effective, cost-saving and will definitely waste a lot of funds & time. So if the end/terminal users need to solve their problem urgently, they will find CECC their most ideal loyal partner in IC industry to cooperate for providing instant technical assistance. They can appoint CECC with full authorization to conduct the whole process of failure analysis for solving all their related technical problems. What they only need to do is to provide CECC a report of their failure phenomenon & their applications circuits. CECC will also dispatch an experienced engineer to end user work site for instant observation & analysis of on-site phenomenon if necessary.

5.       electronic components distributor

Electronic components distributors are playing bridge roles in circulation of integrated circuit in the market. There are various factors that affect the reseller market such as round-trip transportation of the goods in the hand of distributors, renovation of used devices etc, which increasingly interrupt the normal operation of electronic components market & its demand &.supply chain. A reputable distributor who highlights the quality control is always tending to choose a laboratory that owns the most potential strength for IC testing, verification & failure analysis. CECC is exactly such laboratory whom the distributors can trust and cooperate with. After the full authorization & designation from distributors, CECC will shoulder all her principal’s responsibilities in quality control with professional IC functional  testing & verification solutions, help smooth the way in IC distribution market, making her principals can throw themselves completely into fierce market competitions and feel more at ease while doing business. Meanwhile, once distributor’s (principal) end user clients came across technical problems, CECC will be pleased to cooperate by dispatching engineers to go to the very first failure site –factory for collecting, observing, analyzing & solving problems, which is absolutely another advantage of CECC Lab for improving & enhancing distributors’ service quality.

6.  The reseller market organizations

The reseller market organization mainly refers to those Electronic B2B trade platforms providing services via intermedia of web. These platforms usually are bottlenecked after certain periods of development, which especially presents in the aspect of IC quality control and very difficult for the reseller organizations to solve. Under the help & coordination of these reseller organizations, CECC can solve all of the IC technical problems which has been appointed to CECC for handling.