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Testing Solutions

Testing and Design Synchronization & Coordination Services 

I. Design Stage – Providing DFT test design technical support for IC design companies.

In the process of IC design engineering, design engineers often only highlight the  achievement in ICs’ concrete function, while not considering their convenience in IC testing & verification. DFT, which means measurability test, is short for diagnostic function test and has become more and more popular in IC industry in recent years. CECC engineers have accumulated rich experience in IC testing & verification after years of hard working and studying, and also has  mastered various usage and interface protocols of different testers, which enables CECC to design reasonable methodologies & principles with the conception for manufacturing DFT products from ICs’ testing aspects

II. Engineering prototypes Verification Stage –Functional Characteristics & Parameters Analysis

 After MPW, IC design companies are often bothered by how to handle the small quantity testing due to the capabilities limitation of the instruments of IC testing Factories, of which the instruments are often so busy but inferior in quality that they are not competent in providing comprehensive timely verification technical service. CECC strives to provide professional testing & verification service for advanced high-tech IC devices, specializes in various new IC products functional characteristics analysis, debugging to find design defects for clients.
IC parameters can be analyzed by us:
1. time sequence, including rising edge & falling edge.
2. input impedance.
3. output drive capabilities.
4. power voltage & threshold voltage diagram
5. testing of withstanding voltage
6. testing of output condensance
7. testing of working frequency
8. testing of central frequency dot.
9. testing of frequency spectrum.
10. testing of NNR
11.optical wave length, wave crest testing.

III. Small amount batch testing stage- develop optimized testing programs.

The main converting programs we developed for testing are:
 J750-> V50 converting
 VTT-> V50 converting

IV. Large amount batch testing stage- cost-saving testing

We can develop and provide a most economical & favorable testing solutions for our Clients, among which including design of testing sockets, fixture, design & manufacture of tester for special purposes, the development of testing software etc.