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Report Samples

The General Declaration of Testing Reports

     China Electronic Components Center Laboratory (CECC Lab), as a lawful established, professional, global independent third party electronic components testing & verification organization, strives to help the electronic components distributors, brokers, resellers, vendors, buyers, IC design houses, EMS manufacturers etc to smooth their way in the market / incoming parts channels by providing inspection, testing, verifying services / solutions to identify good, faulty, defected, counterfeit electronic components. CECC Lab also strives to provide clients satisfying feasible value-added service / solutions such as sales & custom-made testing jigs for dedicated electronic components, IC replacements / alternatives solutions, IC obsolescence parts inquiry, IC PCN / PDN inquiry, IC quality disputes handling & coordination, Electronic components third party ESCROW services etc. All the testing items in CECC Lab are in strict compliance with relevant international industry standards & OEM specifications (datasheet). The testing methodologies & testing reports in CECC Lab have gained popular unanimous approval from both domestic & international IC industrial units, organizations, companies & authorities.Herewith CECC Lab launches a declaration for all the IC testing reports issued by herself as following: 

1. All the tests conducted by CECC Lab are based on OEM specifications (datasheet), in strict compliance with IPC, JEDEC, MIL-883, CECC-Standards and other relevant international industry standards & directives.

2. All testing reports issued are only valid for the samples tested & projects launched by CECC Lab, not applicable to other samples untested & other testing organizations.  

3. Each testing result will be described item by item in detail and a general comprehensive conclusion will be drawn at the report end when multi testing items required.

4. All the report series number presented by CECC Lab system are unique. The registered and validated users will have the permission to retrieve & check the authenticity by logging into our online database server (CECC Lab unique global domain: http//: and entering the report number, which helps to completely eliminate the violation behaviour of making false report in the name of CECC Lab.

5. All the electronic version testing reports presented by CECC Lab are only accessible for reading & downloading to the principals who has appointed CECC Lab to conduct nominated testing levels / items. Each of the principals has their unique user account for CECC Lab database, any other third party except principals does not have the access right to read & download the electronic testing reports online or get the printed version.

6. Either English version or Chinese version testing reports are available for printed / electronic testing reports. CECC Lab will present a default English electronic version testing report if no special requirements submitted to CECC Lab in advance.

7. All staff in CECC Lab should treat each engineering case honestly with high integrity, neutrally with impartiality, independently with self-fulfillment and fair without prejudice. All the staff should fight persistently & bravely against any bribery, corruption, racial & nationality discrimination phenomenon. Any behaviour that violates such rules & principles are prohibited and will be severely punished in accordance with detailed enforcement of “The basic ethical principles for CECC staff”.