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Level V ACCT

General Description:
Level V  Alternating Current Characteristics Test (ACCT) is a testing method performed to test,verify and analyze DUT AC parameters as of  signal transferring charateristics, edge characteristics (e.g: Set-Up Time, Hold-On Time) and the using of dedicated tool (e.g:Shmoo Plote) to analyze the characteristics curves while one variable changes with another variable etc in strict accordance with device design requirements.

Normally Level V ACCT should only be conducted after the succesful testing of Level IV (FFCT), of which the testing results of each item are in compliance with corresponding criteria & standards. ACCT is a kind of engineering work for analysis & research, of which the testing cost for hardware is very expensive and not applicable to large volume testing & production.

Testing Items:
A.The testing items in Level IV

B. In addition to regular testing items, adopt the analysis way of Sudden second approximation to certain parameters (e.g. linearity mode / binary mode) to identify the signal parameters limits while it changes with other variables, try to analyze the device performance characteristics while it works at different states.

C.  The logical & timing relations between input signals & input signals, input signals & output signals.

D.  The logical & timing relation between system clock & I/O signals.

E. The signal changing state at the moment of power-up /power-down.

F. Signal noise disturbance analysis etc.


Sample Test Report:

Testing Tariff Standards & Lead-time:
The testing charges & Lead-time vary and mainly depend on the DUT function complexity, generally 2-12 weeks.
1, Alternating Current Characteristics Testing (ACCT) does not consider / test the DUT under special environment such as high/low/elevated temperatures.
2, Alternating Current Characteristics Testing (ACCT)  does not include the testing items in Level I AIV test.