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                                               Level IV Full Function & Characteristics Test

General Description: 
    Level IV Full Function & Characteristics Testing (FFCT) is a testing method performed to test & verify the DUT full function in strict accordance with original datasheet, application notes & end-users' application circuit while not considering the testing & verification of AC parameters and some parameter limits can not be tested by large volume. 

   FFCT mainly applies in large volume testing for its engineering cost is much higher & lead-time is much longer than other previous testing levels(Levle I,II & III ), the lead-time for some engineering case may reach as long as one year.

Testing Items:
A、Chemical decapsulation for 1 random piece of samples.(default testing item but charge additionally.)
B、The testing whether the DC characteristics parameters are in compliance with design standards.
C、The testing whether the devices can function normally.
D、The testing whether the devices auxiliary function can meet design requirements.
F、The testing of  the internal structure integrity of programmable devices.


Sample Testing Report:

Testing Tariff Standards & Lead-time:
The testing charges & Lead-time vary and mainly depend on the DUT function complexity, generally 2-8 weeks.

1,Full Function & Characteristics Testing (FFCT) will consider & test most of the parameter limits such as signal transferring speed, frequency,timing & voltage load limits etc.
2, Full Function & Characteristics Testing (FFCT) does not consider / test the DUT under special environment such as high/low/elevated temperatures.
3, Full Function & Characteristics Testing (FFCT) does not include the testing items in Level I AIV test.