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Service Scope

 IC Design Services

  • Dedicated chips design & solutions 
  • IC local structure design & solutions
  • IC front-end & back-end design

 IC Tesing & Verification Services

  • IC functional testing,parameters analysis & evaluation.
  • Batch testing solutions   

 IC Consistency Inspection & Verification Services

  • IC burn in, screening experiments 
  • IC life cycle experiment

 IC Reliability Test

  • ESD,Latch-up test 
  • Wafer burn-in test for screening & evaluation.
  • Thermal shock test

 IC Market Value Assessments & Counterfeits Verification

  • IC market value assessment for Customs clearance & coordination.
  • Counterfeit parts inspection & verification for reseller market.
  • Incoming electronic components quality control (IQC)for EMS manufacturer.
  • IC testing & verification training    

 Interactive Bridge for science research & IC Industry

  • Strategic cooperation partner for the convertion of intellectual property marketization of University professors & scholars.
  • Internship base for electronics majors.
  • IC Industry technology communication organization